Bouquet Choker

Rose Bouquet Choker

Bouquet Choker (True Love!)

  • Make 3 All-Purpose Flowers (get the free pattern here!)

Tip:  to make in diff sizes, simply cast on more or less stitches (for bigger/smaller roses) and then follow the reductions in the same manner.

  • Arrange and tack the 3 flowers together at the bottom and set aside with needle and sewing yarn still attached.
  • Make an i-cord: using the same yarn as that used for roses, and using DPNs of the size you prefer (thinner for a tiny i-cord; chunky for a thick/wide i-cord…), cast on 4 stitches and work in i-cord for 16-18 inches (enough to tie in a bow at the back of your neck!).
  • Insert the i-cord in between the roses of the bouquet, center,  and finish sewing the bouquet together, rendering the bouquet secure (not floppy) and the i-cord invisible.
  • Wear on dates and all other throat-baring occasions!!!

Bouquet Choker

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