Pet Platform

CoCo's Pet Platform. She rules from on-high.

I have knitted many a throne for the one who rules in my house, my little Siamese mix, CoCo Kitty.  My latest offering to the Fur Queen is the Pet Platform Pillow.  It’s actually mixed-media, as it was a great excuse to use up scrap wool and some super-cheesy faux fur I could not resist at the fabric store.  Needless to say, she CoCofied it right away by kneading and napping on it (but I’d be lying if I denied that it’s almost a selfish indulgence because of the rapture I feel to see the one I worship curled up on one of my creations!).

The General Idea: Knit a rectangle in garter, keeping in mind it will shrink 30% after felting.  It must be big ‘nuf for your ball o’ fluff.

Skill Level: Easy, except for the sewing (big sigh!)


  • Scrap wool, for felting (you want the bottom to be firm).  I used approximately 150 yards of Brown Sheep Company’s Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Regal Purple.  But it was scraps from different projects.
  • Size U.S. 11 straight bamboo
  • ½ yard faux fur of your choice
  • Stuff w/ Nu-Foam,  2″ thick.  I cut from a 22″ x 22″ piece (only $6!).  It won’t disintegrate inside the case you make.  You can just slip it out and back in for washing.
  • 11” coat zipper, or large snaps
  • Embroidery thread that matches the yarn (you won’t see it in the fur)
  • Very sharp tapestry needle (big eye)


*I made mine with rounded edges, but you don’t have to. You can just cast on 48 and knit for 25 inches, then bind off.

  • Cast on 16 stitches.
  • Row 1: Increase one stitch each side by knitting into the front & back (kfb) of the first and last stitch.
  • Row 2: knit
  • Row 3: Increase row (repeat row 1)
  • Row 4: knit
  • Repeat these four rows until you have 48 stitches.
  • Continue straight in garter until piece is 30% longer than you wish it to be when felted. (Mine was approximately 20 inches long when I began the decreases in the next step).
  • Begin Decreases: knit 2 together (k2tog) at each end for every other row, until only 16 stitches remain.
  • Bind off loosely.

Felt: Once should do it.

Block: Between two towels with several volumes of Harry Potter on it overnight.

Cut: The fur piece should be bigger than your felted piece by approximately 1 ½” in each direction. (My felted bottom was approximately 12”x18”, so I cut my fur piece to nearly 14”x20”)  This will allow for the Nu-Foam piece to fit inside.

Pet Platform felted bottom

Sew it: Pin it around fur side in, as if inside out, and remember to leave one short side open for the zipper (you have to, so you can wash it). Sew around, get it over with. Turn right-side out.

Stuff it: Measure and mark the Nu-Foam to the approximate size of your felted piece.  A sharp scissor will do.  Slip it into your platform pocket.

Zipper or Snaps: just do your best.  Your pet certainly won’t care, and the closure is only for functionality.  It’s completely invisible from the topside.

* Let your pet rule!

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3 thoughts on “Pet Platform

  1. Angel

    I’m not a pet owner, but I enjoyed your pattern write-up– entertaining style. 😉

  2. wendy

    This is great….just what my Dusty Cat has been meowing at me for. Can’t wait to make it. Thanks for the pattern!

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