HUGE Knitted Flower

Huge Knitted Flower

Nearly everything on earth can be improved by embellishing with a flower.  A huge one is novel and mega-cute.  Like all the best projects, it knits up in a jiff in bulky yarn and biggish needles.  Use a contrast color mid-flower for two-tone effect!

Skill Level: Beginner+


* Bulky yarn, I used Lion Brand Hometown, 1 ball makes a bunch o’ flowers

* Size US 13 straight needles

* Tapestry needle


* Cast on 70 stitches.

* Row 1: knit

* Row 2: purl 2 together across entire row (35 stitches left)

* Row 3: knit

* Row 4: purl 2 together across entire row to last stitch, knit 1 (18 sts left)

* Row 5: knit

* Row 6: purl 2 together across entire row to last stitch, knit 1 (9 sts left)

* Row 7: knit 2 together to last stitch, knit 1 (5 sts)

* Finishing: cut yarn, thread it through tapestry needle and pull yarn through remaining stitches, pulling needle out as you do so.  Curl flower and tack into place with your yarn and needle.

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7 thoughts on “HUGE Knitted Flower

  1. Carolynn

    Dear Dana,
    Thank you for an easy and fast flower. I am going to make one to felt. Carolynn

  2. Gemma

    Thanks hun! This finished my daughters beany off great and im now about to make a load of them to attach to stems, to make a knitted bouquet for a charity that gives to parent of babies born sleeping. Ive been asked about a suitable bouquet to put in babies coffin. Very worthy cause and im sure you wont mind me doing one for a very special sleeping angel and their grieving parents. xxx

  3. hahnsmum clarke

    l am at moment into trying to get the ”hang” of making flowers & do prefer knitting as l cant read crochet patterns… These should look good on grandaughters scarves & beanies for our Tassie trip this year… Many many thanks.. Appreciated.. Hahnsmum..

  4. Susan

    Great pattern…thank you for sharing. The only problem I had with pattern was at end of row 4 there are 18 sts left…then row 5 is knitted and then row 6 states to p2 tog across to last st, kl … but since there were 18 sts left (even number) I had to p2 tog on 16 sts and the last 2 sts left, I knitted.

  5. barbara

    thank you for an easy pattern, i will try this immediatly, and let you know how i got on

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