Crochet Coffee Cozy


  • 1 ball cotton yarn (Sugar & Cream or Lilly)

    Crochet Cofee Cozy

  • 1 size G steel crochet hook
  • 1 button (optional)


  • Make a slip knot and place loop on hook.
  • Chain 36, then 1 turning chain, turn work.
  • Single crochet into the back loop of each chain across (skipping the second chain from hook), then make 1 turning chain, turn work.
  • Single crochet into each stitch across (under the ‘V’s), still skipping second chain from hook, then make 1 turning chain
  • Repeat until 14 rows are completed (or approx 3”)


  • Either: single crochet short sides together (making sure hook goes through ‘V’s of both sides). Fasten off.
  • Or: chain a loop (approx 6 stitches), sew to one side cozy.  Sew button to opposite side.

Makes Java most enjoyable!

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