Must Knit: Coffee Cozy

coffee cozy with flower

Materials Needed:

coffee cozy's pearl button

* 1 ball bulky-weight yarn (Lion Brand wool-ease Thick and Quick)
* 1 pair size 11 needles
* tapestry needle or crochet hook size K
* Cast on 10 stitches
* Knit every row until piece is approximately 8″ long.
* Bind off.
* Pull end through last loop and knot.  Weave in ends.
* Sew short sides together (thus forming a cuff).  OR sew on a vintage button and force through stitches, forming a natural buttonhole.
* Makes Java most enjoyable!
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4 thoughts on “Must Knit: Coffee Cozy

  1. alida

    awesome cozy for a cup of coffee, or tea, thanks kindly. I have been looking for a
    simple pattern I can do while traveling on the bus.

  2. sandie bridges

    I would love to know how to knit
    the British Lumberjack teacozy. My
    dearest friend is married to a Brit and
    we have shared many ‘cuppas’ and would
    both love to have that felted piece.
    Thanks you for any information on where
    I could get it as I have been looking for
    ages without luck. 🙂

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