Must Knit: Dragon

Dragon Taxidermy

My general life philosophy is that animals are better than people, hunting is not a ‘sport’ but a sociopathic disorder (the need to murder unarmed creatures, I mean honestly), mounted/stuffed heads are not “trophies”, and taxidermy is a vile perversion of the afterlife. But, knitting taxidermy, especially mythical creatures, leans more towards the art form, a tribute to the creature or animal, a yarn sacrifice instead of senseless murder. Dragons are a vital part of my world, being a fixture in the fantasy genres (LOTR, GOT) that rule the Comic Con universe. I found a brilliant pattern by Sincerely Louise on Etsy Sincerely Lousie Mythical Dragon.

Thank you Louise! I’ve named my dragon Falkor, from the NeverEnding Story.

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