It Takes a Village

Community Pickle Jar

Community Pickle Jar

It takes a village, as anyone that’s ever participated in a community knitting project can attest. This Old Pickle District Jar, although born of a somewhat selfishly desperate need to meet a deadline, brought the Knefarious Knitters closer and earned everybody good karma points in the process. It’s my fault, I admit it. Often accused of engaging in “brute force” knitting, I begged my knitting group to help me finish up my latest project of insanity: centerpieces for my son’s Bar Mitzvah, which had a New York/Street Food theme. While I knitted my fave NYC architectural landmarks, I pleaded for my constituents to contribute to a community pickle jar, representative of old NY, an era in which there was an entire district in the lower East Side dedicated to the brining and pickling of proper dills (and half-sours, but I’m not that sort of girl). Happily, there is a Christmas tradition of hiding a pickle ornament in the Christmas tree and to the finder goes a prize or a year of good luck. In the knitting realm, that means there is no shortage of patterns for Christmas Pickles, which served to satisfy the needs of a Jewish mother hell-bent on knitting centerpieces for a Bar Mitzvah. So, in another example of how we are all connected, knitting transcends innate differences and joins us in our ultimate common goal: Peace, Love, & Knitting.

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