Knitting in Knumbers

As I stepped up to the register at Barnes & Noble recently, a variety of knitting mags and an amigurumi book

Knitting herd!

bundled in my arms, the lady about to accept my payment visibly looked me up and down. “What? I don’t look like the type? Well, I guess you can’t judge a knitter by her cover.” She pursed her lips and said with raised eyebrows “Guess not”.

Knitting is a bit of a contagion: knitters carry around their projects and attract the curiosity of the uninitiated, as well as fellow knitters in disguise (that is, sans projects). Wherever and whenever I knit, a trail of intrigue follows my knitting bag and me. Gawkers wonder if I’m knitting or crocheting (even before I could knit I knew the difference, I mean honestly!). They ask what I’m working on, which if you are a non-knitter is almost as rude as asking my age and weight. And the infinitely uninformed comments such as, “That’s a lost art Good for you!” This is just a small sampling of what coaxes knitters out of their knitting anonymity and into a knitting circle. Knitting in numbers offers sanctuary in which to tell our tales of survival among average yarn-deprived civilians. Only in my knitting group can I speak of the anguish of frogging after 5 inches of apparently false progress on my project, or of being trapped on a six-hour flight with the wrong needles. The personalities and backgrounds of each in my group vary greatly but together we make a cohesive yet colorful bunch. We each bring something very different to the party, even if some are knitting the same project. We attend to each other’s grief over the inexplicable absence of appreciation from an unworthy recipient of a knitted gift while we laugh at each other’s talents for hiding yarn in plain sight from our oblivious families. We each have our own insatiable fiber fetishes, and praise each other’s workmanship, regardless of how many re-dos it required. Group therapy, yes, if only because we relate on the most basic level: we all suffer the same exigent, unwavering, interminable appetite for knitting (well, at least in my case).

Got a knitting group? I got mine on!

Knit Well and Prosper! Xoxo Dana [Must Knit]

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